Our Approach

We seek to guide others to their intrinsic power which has laid dormant. Most individuals are looking the spiritual substance behind rituals, ceremonies and practices to give their lives meaning. Most are lost, have given up hope and simply need to rediscover what has been there all along.

Our Story

Somewhere along the way we desired to be able to impact through fun, humor, light hearted exposure a way to share our dedication to helping others bring enlightenment, guidance, empowerment, knowledge of things not generally known, discussed or explored. If your looking for something to help you ascend to new pathways beyond what is right in front of you attain more than you ever thought possible, you've just stumbled across one of the best Expos For Exposure To the Paranormal In All of Us!

We endeavor to grow both spiritually and personally. We also have paranormal investigations, energy healing activities, speakers, metaphysical & other panels. Everyone is welcome here.